revolution: [revəˈl o͞o SHən] a dramatic change in the way something works or in people's ideas about it. 

Stop by our shop and try something we make; Is there a bread you'd like to try? Just ask and we'll cut you a taste. We think once you try it, you'll have a bread revolution of your own!

La Boca is a true scratch bakery- meaning everything we produce is made here with our own hands; from the doughs for our breads to the icing on our cakes. We start with fresh, quality ingredients in order to create delicious food. It's our hope the results of this work keep you coming back for more.

Stop by and see us!

Liz & Steven


 La Boca Shop & Bakery

Thursday - saturday 

9 am - 4 pm

(603) 569-5595

OUR bread isn't JUST "fresh" or "artisan"…it's a REVOLUTION!

Also open holiday hours:

 Sunday 12/23 and Monday 12/24

from 9 am - 2 pm

We close for the month of January; our last day open is 12/24, then we'll see you in february!

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