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Fresh Bread Starts From Scratch...

Describing bread isn't nearly as fun as tasting it for yourself- but we do find that giving our customers a little insight into the characteristics of each bread can help them decide which one will best suit their needs that day.

With that in mind, here's a little "Bread School":

Our breads usually fit into one of two categories: tender or crusty with a chew. The difference begins with how the doughs are treated. Crusty breads that have a soft but somewhat chewy interior are made with doughs that we have slow fermented at cool temperatures for a couple days before shaping and baking them. This time allows the dough to develop awesome flavor and strength without letting the yeast use up all its "oomph" before its turn in the oven. Some of these breads include: Crusty White, Sourdough, Baguette & dinner rolls.

Tender breads on the other hand, are made with dough that has been mixed that very morning, and usually had something tasty added to it (like Asiago Cheese, or Herbes De Provence.) Because these breads are made relatively quickly, gluten strands have only a short time to develop elasticity- which makes for a more tender crumb than our crusty breads. Some tender breads we make are: Herb, Olive Oil & Guatemalan Sweet Rolls.